We couldn’t do it all without the help of our volunteers.

We are always grateful for volunteers, whether it’s an individual, an organized group of some sort (such as Scouts), families… and there are so many personal benefits to volunteering!

Not only will you feel good helping to make a difference in these beautiful animals’ lives, but by volunteering you can:

• Get to know and develop bonds with the animals.

• Learn new things about animals and develop new animal-care skills.

Millie can’t wait to meet you!

• Be in a healthy and relaxing environment surrounded by friendly animals that will help you step away from your daily routine, relieving stress, anger and anxiety. Many people consider their volunteer day as a “mental health day.”

• Meet and connect with other people that share your love for animals and willingness to help others.

• Increase your social and relationship skills, self-confidence, develop a sense of purpose.

• Get some fresh air, exercise and have FUN!

Volunteer-designed apparel.

If you don’t want to work directly with the animals, there are plenty of other volunteering opportunities that include more clerical work. Please take a look at our Wish List page to find something that suits you.

Call 303-841-8338 or email for more details. You will also need to sign our downloadable Release Form.