Come feed the ducks; walk the llamas; brush the horses; feed treats to the animals. Our animals are gentle and good natured, and its a great way to get to know them, see how clean and nurturing our farm is, and spend some time getting back to nature.

We have great opportunities for various groups.
Visits by schools, the YMCA and youth groups are welcome, but plan ahead! Spending time on a farm with these beautiful creatures helps children learn respect for nature, responsibility and self confidence. We offer handicrafts (spinning and weaving of wool obtained from our llamas).

Visitors will be invited to participate in a variety of activities, including:

-Brushing Horses
-Walking Llamas
-Feed Ducks
-Spinning Fiber
-Stick horse races
-Cleaning Stalls
-Making repairs
Come properly dressed for the weather and possible mud.

John and Lynda Edwards
Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals
12858 N Sierra Circle
Parker, CO 80138
(303) 841-8338

Visits by appointment only! You must sign our release before being admitted to the property. Download our release here.