Adopting a Horse

terolyn horse rescueIt is our goal to place horses in forever homes where they will be wanted and cared for properly for the rest of their lives. Our main adoption rule is this: By adopting a horse from Terolyn Horse Rescue (the “Rescue”), you agree to provide that horse with a caring and loving home, or return the horse to the Rescue in the event the horse needs to be placed in a new home. Adopters cannot breed, race or resell any equine adopted from this Rescue. The Rescue retains legal ownership of every equine that comes to the rescue, for the rest of its life. This stipulation allows us to legally reclaim a horse if at any time it is found to be in an unsatisfactory situation, and place it in a more suitable environment. This rule is intended to ensure the best possible adoption outcome horses and adopters.

Downloadable Forms: Please note that you MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE or older to sign a contract and adopt from us.

Adoption Process for a Rescue Equine

Equine Adoption Application

Adoption Contract