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Watch this FEBRUARY 2012 7 News item about Edwards Animals winning the 7Everyday Hero award!

We are a small privately owned 501(c)(3) (non-profit, EIN 20-5988307) no kill animal rescue and have been rescuing animals for more than 25 years.

We rescue mainly large animals, including horses, goats, llamas and even some Zebus. Our animals come through various sources: from families that can't keep their pets to organizations such as the Zoo.


The cost of hay has risen so much in the past year due to drought and wildfires! We are having trouble making ends meet. PLEASE donate so we can keep our heads above water. Read this shocking article in the NY Times about what the high cost of hay is doing to people. We use two bales of hay (about $30) a day!

We currently finance the care for all of our animals out of pocket and rely on donations to help keep the animals happy and healthy. All donated money goes strictly to the care and feeding of the animals. We do not take any compensation for the work we do. Please donate to help the animals!

Want to visit us and just can't find the time? John made a great, funny Smilebox slideshow for you to enjoy. Don't miss it!

Go to Meet the Animals and read about their life stories. You can also visit our farm in person by appointment only. Please call us at 303-841-8338 to make an appointment.

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Read this new article about us in Our Colorado News or Download a PDF of the article here!

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Edwards Animals was in the Denver Post! Download a PDF of the article here!

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Edwards Animals wish list -- please help the animals!
There are other ways to help the animals! Check out our wish list to see what you can do to help.
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Watch this great slideshow about us!

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Want to help the animals and have a relaxing vacation at the same time? Rent this cabin near Georgetown and a portion of the rent goes to Edwards Animals!

This rustic cabin is situated on 4 wooded acres. The main part of the cabin was built in 1878 by a miner for his family. Its fully appointed and has 1/4 mile of Clear Creek running through the private property. More details here.

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